Watson Institute for International Studies, Brown University

Global Swarming  8.3.05

Tracking the implications after the recent London bombings, Nathan Lovejoy, student researcher for Watson’s Global Security Program, has assembled this Infointervention and written an introductory essay to accompany John Santos’ analysis, ‘Phoning in the Terror’. Read | Discuss

Analysis  8.3.05

1000 Words/Picture: Democratizing Journalism?
Nathan Lovejoy, Student Researcher, Global Security Program
In the aftermath of the London bombings on July 7th, many have focused on the role weblogs and cell phone cameras have played in the coverage and reporting of the events. 8.3.05 Read | Discuss
Phoning In The Terror
John Phillip Santos, Writer, Journalist and TV Producer
This emerging “Nokia effect” derives its impact from an emerging Wi-fi ubiquity in the presence of media in society, from the realm of surveillance to the intimacy of personal media. 8.3.05 Read | Discuss
Clippings  8.3.05
Calling All Luddites
Thomas Friedman @ The New York Times
Friedman discusses the civic potential of photo-blogging. 8.3.05 Read | Discuss
Citizen Journalism Still in Its Infancy
Jack Perrone @ Guardian Blogs
Perrone, a blogger himself, responds to a claim by another that there was a lack of “citizen journalism” in the aftermath of the bombings. 7.22.05 Read | Discuss
Al Qaeda's Information War
Austin Bay @ The Washington Times
Austin Bay examines Al Qaeda’s uses of both modern media and our insatiable cultural desire for it. 7.15.05 Read | Discuss
Theatre of the City
Iain Sinclair @ The Guardian
London, past and present, has long fascinated novelist Iain Sinclair. One week on from the terrorist bombings he says the capital is wounded but will go on, writing its own script 7.14.05 Read | Discuss
We Had 50 Images Within an Hour
Peter Huck @
Britain watched the story of the London bombings through mobile phone pictures and video clips, while America saw another 9/11. MediaGuardian reflects on a momentous day for journalism. 7.11.05 Read | Discuss
Cell Phones Capture London Blasts
A look at the significance of the striking number of cell phone camera images that flooded British media after the bombings. 7.8.05 Read | Discuss

Artifacts  7.8.05

Images/Video from July 7th
BBC slideshows, videos and video analysis of amateur photos from July 7th. 7.8.05 Read | Discuss
London Responds
Stephen Clift @
A list of links to sites with pictures from the bombings in London on July 7th. 7.7.05 Read | Discuss