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James Der Derian is the principal investigator of InfoTechWarPeace. He is Professor of International Relations (Research) and Director of the Watson Institute's Global Security Program at Brown University. His research interests are international relations theory, international security, information technology, and media studies. His articles on war and technology have appeared in the New York Times, Nation, Washington Quarterly, and Wired. His most recent book is Virtuous War: Mapping the Military-Industrial-Media-Entertainment Network. More information.

Annick T.R. Wibben is the co-investigator of InfoTechWarPeace. She is Assistant Professor of Politics at the University of San Francisco and Adjunct Faculty at Brown University's Watson Institute for International Studies. She received her doctorate in International Politics from the University of Wales at Aberystwyth with a dissertation on 9/11 security narratives. In the fall of 2003, she was a Rockefeller Humanities Fellow for Human Security in New York City. Her writing is in the area of (feminist) critical security studies and international (feminist) theory. More information.

Solon Barocas served as a research and production assistant with InfoTechWarPeace from 2001-2003. He graduated with a BA from Brown University in 2003, concentrating in both International Relations and Art-Semiotics. He received his MSc in International Relations at the London School of Economics in 2005. His research and artistic work focuses on the politics of representation, and combines security studies, media and social theory, and new media production.

Ross Chapman was a research assistant with InfoTechWarPeace in the summer/ fall of 2004. He graduated from Brown University, concentrating in Modern Culture and Media, in 2005. Ross' primary interests are Zen Buddhism, the evolution of masculinity, and the development of infopeace strategies to spread compassion and love in postmodern prisons within and without chambers of discipline and punishment.

Masha Kirasirova has worked as a research assistant with InfoTechWarPeace from 2003-2005. She has since graduate from Brown University with a BA in English and Politics. Masha's primary interests are media and information warfare, particularly their impacts on security and political identity formation in the Middle East and the former Soviet Union.

Colin Murphy is a graphic and web designer of InfoTechWarPeace. He is a principal of Murphy and Murphy, a design firm in Providence, RI. Murphy and Murphy designs corporate identity, two and three dimensional collateral materials, and web sites including Cold Fusion programming for corporate and institutional clients. www.murphyandmurphy.com

Ben Mauer is a graphic and web designer of InfoTechWarPeace. He graduated from Hampshire College in Amherst, MA in 2002 and continues to engage in radical approaches to media literacy, production, and dissemination. His past experience includes developing and maintaining the website for the Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies at Hampshire and stints at Wired Digital in San Francisco and various ad agencies. www.telephag.nu

Emily Paddon was a research assistant with InfoTechWarPeace in 2003-2004. She graduated from Brown University in 2004, with a double concentration in International Relations and the History of Art and Architecture. Emily is interested in global security from a cultural, aesthetic, and human rights perspective with an emphasis on the Middle East. She is currently pursuing an M.Phil. at Oxford University.

Michael and David Udris are the filmmakers for InfoTechWarPeace. Through documentation of conferences and interviews with participants they attempt to not only record, but re-assemble and re-interpret InfoTechWarPeace events to produce the VY2K and After 9/11 documentaries. Their professional experience as film and video artists includes work for Showtime, MTV, London Records, and The Watson Institute and their work has appeared in galleries, film festivals, and television outlets internationally. www.udris.com

Caleb Waldorf worked in the Events Department at the Watson Institute from 2002-2004 and is a production assistant for InfoTechWarPeace. He received his BA from the University of Pittsburgh in art history and religious studies in 2001 and since the fall of 2004 has been pursuing his MFAat UCSD. Caleb is primarily interested in representation and the aesthetics of information technology in contemporary news media, particularly relating to armed conflict and security. www.terroristic.org


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